Evenson Angus

March 21, 2019 At Lemmon Livestock Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar Reported By:  Jade Harper for CBW Averages:  58 Head of yearling bulls $4,172 44 Head of Long yearling Fall Bulls $4,625 The Evenson Angus 39th Annual Production Sale was a great success.  Lots of buyers came to bid on a very nice set of yearling and long yearling Angus Bulls. High […]

J Spear Cattle Co.

March 21, 2019 At Belle Fourche Livestock Auction, Belle Fourche, SD Auctioneer:  Seth Weishaar Reported By:  Ryan Casteel, CBW Averages:  65 Registered Angus Bulls $3,730 J Spear Cattle Co. held their first annual production sale on March 21, 2019 at Belle Fourche Livestock Auction in Belle Fourche, SD.  Jayce and Tisha have been in the Angus business all their lives.  […]

Wheatland Cattle Co.

March 21, 2019  Beinfait, SK Auctioneer:  Chris Poley Reported By:  Tony Heins, CBW Averages:  52 Simmental Bulls $19,144 8 Angus Bulls $14,000 High Selling Lots: $110,000 Lot 30,  Wheatland Bull 890F 2/25/2018 son of Wheatland Exchange 6139D sold to Boundary Ranch and Bouchard Livestock $90,000 Lot 35,  Wheatland Bull 8100F 2/27/2018 son of CCLT Alliance 91C sold to JP Cattle […]